Textile Testing

Welcome To Idma Laboratories Ltd.

Our Textile Laboratories offer a broad range of testing services for all types of Textiles, Fabrics, Yarns, Laces etc.

Key testing and evaluation areas include:

Compliance with Government Regulatory requirements like Fabric Construction, Colour Fastness to Light, Hot Pressing, Rubbing, Perspiration, Washing & Dry Cleaning, Dimensional Stability, Skewing and Appearance Retention.

Some Tests regularly being undertaken for Government & Private Industry are :

Count | Weight | Fibre Content | Strength properties | Dimensional Stability | Breaking Load | Flammability | Water retention, penetration & absorption | Wettability | Wool Content | Colourfastness | Dimensional Stability and Appearance Testing | Fibre Composition | Flammability Testing | Fabric Construction | Pilling | Crimp | Twist | Physical Testing | Chemical Testing | Oil Content | Moisture Content | Ash Content | Fatty Matter | Water Soluble Matter

We also offer testing services for soft home furnishing items like bedding, draperies, table linens, rugs, towels and decorative pillows. Take advantage of our extensive experience in the testing and evaluation of all kinds of Textiles & Fabrics. We offer a range of tests addressing specific concerns and special claims, as well as complete product evaluation. Our State of the Art Textile Laboratories are capable of tailoring a testing program based on customer needs.