Soil and Geo Technical Testing

Welcome To Idma Laboratories Ltd.

Idma Laboratories Ltd. provides comprehensive Geotechnical Laboratory and Field Testing Services of Soil, Rock, Geosynthetics and other materials below the ground surface. Idma determines the physical and mechanical properties of underground material for site characterization, Geotechnical Design, Quality Control, Soil Bearing Capacity and Performance Assessment Purposes. Utilizing State-Of-The-Art automated testing equipment, Advanced Processes and Automation, Idma provides clients with fast turnaround and accurate test results. Idma continues to offer uncompromised quality, reducing our clients’ risk by providing confidence that the testing is being performed correctly and according to published standards. No matter what type of standard or custom tests you specify on any Geo-material - Consolidation, Triaxial, Direct Shear or other - we can deliver.

Idma provides Soil Testing services for all types of Earthwork applications. Our laboratories perform over 100 standard soil tests according to the appropriate testing standard :

Typical Strength & Compressibility Tests | California Bearing Ratio (CBR) | Consolidated Drained (CD) | Triaxial Shear | Consolidated Undrained (CU) | Triaxial Shear with Pore Pressure Measurements | Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation | Cyclic Triaxial - Modulus and Damping | Cyclic Triaxial - Load Controlled | Direct Shear | Direct Simple Shear / Cyclic Simple Shear | Incremental Consolidation | Residual Shear | Resilient Modulus | Resonant Column/Torsional Shear | Swell of Cohesive Soil | Torsional Ring Shear (residual or fully softened)| Unconfined Compression | Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) Triaxial Shear

Idma performs a full-range of tests on rock. We prepare and tests rock specimens in-house. Servicing the Geotechnical, Tunneling, Mining and Excavation Industries, we provide rapid strength and index testing of rock samples. We can prepare test specimens from Cobbles, Boulders, Blocks or Cores with our equipment :

Typical Rock Tests Performed | Cerchar Abrasivity Index (CAI) | Direct Shear Strength and Sliding Friction of Rock Under Constant Normal Force | Direct Tensile Strength | Drillability Test Suite (Brittleness Value (S20) | Sievers’ J-Value (SJ) | Abrasion Value (AV) and Abrasion Value Cutter Steel (AVS) | Petrographic Analysis of Rock

Idma Laboratories Ltd. performs Standard Geosynthetic Tests according to the appropriate Standards and specifications including Typical Geomembrane Tests Performed like:

Asperity | Carbon Black Content | Carbon Black Dispersion | Density Dimensional Stability | Melt Index | Thickness | Puncture Resistance/Strength | Tear Resistance | Tensile Strength & Elongation | Seam Destructive Test | Wide-Width Tensile