Terms of Us

Welcome To Idma Laboratories Ltd.

The result listed refers only to test samples(s) and reported parameters(s) as asked by customers. Even where opinion is given endorsement of products is neither inferred nor implied. Under no circumstances laboratory accept any libility caused by use or misuse of test reports.

The sample tested may be preserved, for a period, but not exceeding from 21 days, unless otherwise specifically desired by the customer or legal requirements. However depending upon the nature of sample and effect of preservation the test result of preserved samples may vary, Laboratory also does not assume any responsibility in test result of samples kept on hold for want of clarification.

The Laboratory has a document "Complaint Redressal Mechanish" Discrepancies if any in the test clarifications must be bought to the notice within 15 days of the dispatch of test certificate. Customer feedback form is available on our website www.idmagroup.co.in.

The test certificate shall not be used as evidance in the court of law, for advertisement and shall not be reproduced excepted in full without written approval of the laboratory. Sample drawn under special circumstances like insurance coverage or medico legal or legal cases, the customer must declare the same at the time of submission.

The Laboratory seeks approvals/accreditations from National/International accreditations bodies/regulators such as NABL, MOEF, Drugs & Cosmetics Act, BIS, NABET, State Pollution Board, ISO 9001/18001/14001from time to time. The customer should check the relevant status of accreditations/approvals to its satisfactions at the time of submission of samples.

The Laboratory undertakes sub-contracting e.g. for a part of test of which facilities does not exist or in case of equipment breakdown or other such factors beyond the control of laboratory. The customer is informed about the sub-contracting as far as practically possible.

All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Panchkula and maximum liability of the laboratory does not exceed the testing and sampling charges.

The Laboratory shall not assume any responsibility for additional samples sealed in the laboratory but not tested. The sealing of extra samples or a portion of it is only as per customer's request.