Microbiological - Quality Control Testing

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Our quality control testing laboratory undertakes microbial examination of products on a routine basis. We have also built up a portfolio of neutralising agents and developed techniques for dealing with microbiologically active products. Combined with our long standing industry experience, this allows us to quickly validate and determine the most appropriate method for your QC testing. Our standard range of QC tests are listed as follows, however, if your quality control testing requirement falls outside of these, please contact us to discuss your project further.

Microbial Limits Testing

The Microbial Limits Test provides an estimation of the number of viable aerobic microorganisms, and determines the presence or absence of specified pathogenic organisms in raw materials and finished products.

Total Aerobic Microbial Counts

Determines the number of microorganisms in a product quantity by -
1. Total bacterial count (TAMC)
2. Yeasts & mould count (TYMC)

Absence of Specified Pathogens

Determines the presence or absence of specified pathogens that can include combinations of the following microorganisms - Escherichia coli | Salmonella spp | Pseudomonas aeruginosa | Staphylococcus aureus | Bile tolerant gram-negative bacteria | Burkholderia cepacia | Candida spp | Clostridia spp

Water Testing

We can conduct testing on water from manufacturing facilities either as part of routine Environmental Monitoring sampling at your site, or through client samples sent to our test facility. We are able to determine the levels of microorganism present and identify any microorganisms found.

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