Food Testing

Welcome To Idma Laboratories Ltd.

Idma Laboratories Ltd. supports the fast delivery of safer foods with food chemistry and food microbiology contract laboratory testing and food analysis services, specialising in the quality analysis of food products, additives and ingredients. We work with a wide range of customers from primary manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers across a variety of food supply industries around the Country.

Our Customers Include:
Farms | Dairies | Butchers & Abattoirs | Bakeries | Drinks & Beverages Manufacturers | Drinking Water & Breweries | Hospitals | Supply Chain Manufacturers | Snack Food Manufacturers | Retailers & Distributors | Animal Feed Producers | Hotels & Caterers | Oil Mills | Ice Cream Manufacturers | Mid Day Meals | Food Processing | Restaurants

Comprehensive Vitamins - Minerals and Nutrition Service | Food Microbiology Quality Testing | Foreign Body Identification

Shelf Life Validation & Verification | Challenge Testing | Abuse Testing | Accelerated Shelf Life Testing