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Microbial Shelf Life Assurance Testing

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Microbial Shelf Life Assurance Testing by us can build the confidence you need in your product’s safety and quality throughout shelf life. Maintenance of product safety and quality throughout shelf life is the aim of all food producers. Deterioration due to microbial activity can be a major threat to both the quality and safety of most food products. It is therefore essential that a systematic approach is taken to the determination of product shelf life. Microbial shelf life assurance testing provides the fundamental information to confirm and conclude a microbial risk assessment. It is the most effective way to validate controls designed to maintain product integrity.

We can offer 4 types of microbial shelf life assurance testing:
1. Shelf life validation & verification testing
2. Challenge testing
3. Abuse testing
4. Accelerated shelf life testing.
Microbial shelf life assurance testing by premier analytical services can help you to determine, challenge and extend the shelf life of both new and existing products.

Complete Mycotoxin Service

If you are involved in the Food or Feed Industries you need to know that mycotoxins are amongst the most toxic compounds that can occur in foods. In terms of implications for human health and the economy, they are by far the most important contaminants of the food chain. Mycotoxins are produced by fungi infecting agricultural crops during growth, drying and storage and have become the focus of regulatory concerns throughout the world. As such you need to formulate a strategy that establishes the risks for your products and incorporates an appropriate testing regime. Idma Laboratories Ltd. complete mycotoxin service can do this for you.

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