Food Testing - Accelerated Shelf Life Testing

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What is it?
Physically altering an extrinsic parameter, such as storage temperature, in order to assist agents of product deterioration.

How is it performed?
Most often storage temperature is maintained at a higher level with the aim of improving microbial growth kinetics.

When do you do it?
When shelf life evaluation is required within a reduced timeframe compared to the target shelf life.

Application restricted to scenarios wherein product intrinsics are thermo-stable and the hazard organisms are known to occur at low temperature but their growth kinetics are increased at elevated temperature such that an early warning can be given regarding product stability.

The alteration of an extrinsic parameter gives a false representation of the product profile such that intrinsics may change. The potentially problematic microbial population may not be suited to development in this altered environment such that resultant lack of growth could impart a false sense of security. Additionally cascade effects at lower temperature could be misse

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